Tuesday 13 August 2013 – Who are you?

Every experience in life serves us – consciously or unconsciously, habitually or creatively… This evolves, grows and changes as we are exposed to new and different experiences, as our preferences, desires, needs, yearnings and social circles evolve so do our ‘soul requirements’… What once served us beautifully, perhaps no longer does… Or perhaps what we thought once served us beautifully no longer does…

You must ask yourself what place and value does a particular experience maintain in my life then, now and moving forward – based on the person I was, I am and moving forward?

The answers are always within us, usually masked by some underlying form of fear or habitual thought and behavioural patterns we wish not to change because we identify so strongly with it or rather or ego does…

If you can detach from the ego for a sequence of meaningful moments we may find that a full reevaluation of who we are and how we are living our lives needs to take place…

We often avoid change because we are embarrassed of change or what others may think, or we are deeply embedded in our psychosocial routines, or whatever it may be. But if we do not ask honest questions of ourselves, then we will never discover our true potential, we always teeter on the edge of it…

Energy never dissipates or disappears it simply redirects and presents itself in an outwardly different form… Everything is energy in life, including emotions, thoughts, behavioural states, relational interaction and entire states of being. Recognise this, then recognise that you are who you have always been… Greatness exudes us all, we simply need to recognise it and more than anything remember it again…

If you look back on your own life, I almost guarantee there have been times when fear was dwarfed by the courage that was expressed from deep within your being… It is this courage and clarity that we must clench with the tightest of grips, respect this courage, but most importantly be aware of it, apply it and recognise it as a sincere strength you actually have…

Be proud, be strong, for it is what you are, it is what we all are…

When we rediscover our infinite potential and our capacity to be in a fearless state of being, our truth presents itself wildly, both inwardly and outwardly… An overwhelming clarity bestows us and moving through life becomes effortless, real and confident… And it all begins with asking meaningful question – directed towards the self… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos


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