Wednesday 07 August 2013 – Corruption

What drives corruption? Does money drive corruption? Is money responsible for corruption? How can it be, its an inanimate object… What of the use of money…? Is this corrupt, or are the individuals and groups who use it as a means to gain advantage and self interest as linked to their objectives corrupt? What the article below illustrates are flaws in our current socio-economic systems. Money is not bad, nor is it negative in any form. In fact, nor are the people who ‘take advantage’ of money. Money is not the problem. The way in which our system operates, its structures, its principles, its values, its drivers. We (society and social norms) are a by product of this system.

It may pay to rethink and revaluate the way in which we conduct ourselves. At this point in time we (mainstream society) are driven by values and norms that so not revolve themselves around the greater good. There are a few who are wealthy in extreme measures and ‘do good’ with their wealth. As it stands though the system does not really promote the distribution of wealth, nor does it allow all people the real opportunity to prosper. We may need to reconsider our collective priorities. Our global business is not driven by the wellbeing of others but rather by the priorities of a profit centred at all costs system.

There are alternatives. The first is beginning with what we have, remaining where we are with internal changes and expanding our awareness towards greater inclusivity. This means thinking long-term and not in short-term immediate gratification measures. This means reevaluating our values and priorities, allowing ourselves and others to be collaborative in nature, not competitive. Basically break the cultural norms of a system that values individualism and a self absorbed mentality. There are other alternatives, we can move towards a resource based economy. This is a real model that has tremendous potential and can increase the wellbeing and wealth of so many. It is not about moving away from money necessary, it is more about reshaping our values, our capacity to connect to Earth, each other and our higher order intentions. When we do this, we automatically come from a different space, a space of love, care, sincerity, humbleness and inclusiveness. SS.

Corruption getting worse

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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