Saturday 03 August 2013 – Rethinking our frameworks

Wow! Can we really rethink our current frameworks in the manner in which Michael Green is suggesting? Whenever our current paradigm is tested, pushed to its limits, it will always be met resistance. This is almost natural and somewhat necessary. There are a multitude of questions that really need addressing here. The most prominent question that comes to mind is the issue of land space and its use. The explicit details surrounding the growth of these ‘young’ trees is important. The entire process, from planting, to extracting, to manufacture (how does this process unfold, what energy sources are predominantly utilised)?. But what is important is that we remain open to the possibility. When we remain open, we are able to receive the concept, idea and revolutionary thought in fullness. We are able to absorb the best of what this may be able to offer.

His concept may be slightly radical for this day and age, but if we remain open to the notion, to the intention and to the essence, this idea may evolve in to something of great benefit to the entire Earth… This idea may not be right for our time, nor may it fit in to what humanity and the Earth require. But again if we remain open to this, we are essentially inviting new ideas (and old that have been rejected in the past) to enter our sphere of reality and not only become an efficient and effective tangible idea, but actually a played out reality that is practical in its application and prioritises function over pure economic prosperity and habitual practice… Please watch the video and feel free to comment below…

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