Sunday 28 July 2013 – McDonalds…

One of many examples of a fast food culture that is obsessed with ‘junk food’. Thankfully the world is awakening and a new cultural obsession is sweeping the world. Alongside affluence, the necessity to engage in healthy practices is sweeping the Western world, changing the way in which we interact with food and applicable concept of wellbeing. read this short article please as it clearly identifies the fact that McDonalds has 15 more ingredients that it actually requires in making french fries/chips. But why you may ask? Profit maximisation comes to mind. But at the expense of people’s health… Looks like it folks…

There is an extremely happy side to all of this though… Guess what that is… We can all choose to eat ‘junk food’. We actually do not have to. Do not allow mainstream media to confuse or persuade you. Make your own choices based on well researched, practiced, honest and well informed information that enhances your being, not destroys it… SS.

McDonalds ingredients

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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