Friday 26 July 2013 – Cancer in a can

This is one of many examples of the common staple food diet of the Western Consumer… We must be made aware of what we are ingesting. We are causing harm to predominantly ourselves, our loved ones and the Earth. We have the choice to be different, we have the choice to evolve our mentality and question our current cultural practices and social paradigms. It is never too late, although the Earth is reaching a point where the foods we are producing are causing harmful side effects not only to our own biological health, but these large scale commercial practices are also having negative effects on the Earth (our platform for life)…

Choices geared towards fresh produce, real, localised fresh foods, un-canned, not packaged and have ingredients that can actually be spelt is a great start. Find out who your local chemical free growers are, talk to them, ask them questions, probe their knowledge, I am sure they would be delighted to assist. Go for food that is dense in macro nutrients but also vitamins and minerals. Search for super-foods, herbs that nourish the body and of course make healthy conscious choices that avoid excess toxins entering the system; such as cigarettes and unnecessary pharmaceuticals that could probably be avoided if one focused on living a life of prevention rather than cure… If you do not know, this is ok, unfortunately common practice and education does not emphasis these important truths, but if we do not question our existence, where do we then start…?

Please consider your actions, our actions as a collective and make choices that are best for your health, wellness and wellbeing. Do this, lead by example and other will be inspired by who you are and how you are… SS.

Cancer in a Can

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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2 Responses to Friday 26 July 2013 – Cancer in a can

  1. annathrax says:

    Wow that was an eye opener!

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