Monday 22 July 2013 – Women

It is important we understand the way our society functions, the way in which we interpret the world and where do our cultural beliefs and attitudes stem from? It is perhaps integral that we observe closely our language and the symbolism of our language and how in turn it affects our reality and the way in which we treat each other. The talk below is a very interesting talk on the way women and men interact in the world today and how grossly discriminative male culture is towards women. This occurs at every level and I believe it stems from a lack of understanding our origins, the way in which language is used, the symbolism of our gestures and engrained, unchallenged, archaic cultural practices that ultimately are creating greater disharmony and distance between women and men in todays societal frameworks.

It is the responsibility of those in power, both men and women to choose to evolve our collective society. For this to occur equity must be favoured to power plays and other cultural paradigms which generally negate human collective values and focus on materialistic acquisition. Men must lead this movement, we must assume responsibility and realise what we have done and continue to perpetuate via modalities of cultural inferences. We have reached a collective reality that demands we operate in a collaborative manner if we wish to survive… This means being at peace with ourselves, our community (both males and females) and our Earth… This may appear to be irrelevant, but if we observe closely collective attitudes towards the Earth, they are a reflection of dominant masculine traits, which orientate towards character expressions that are in conflict with harmony, peace, equilibrium and homeostasis. The focus and favour is on external, materialistic possession and the acquisition of power…

This is a complex issue, which requires deep thought and greater understanding of our sociocultural systems and the way history has compounded over time to form our current collective beliefs and both covert and overt attitudes towards women… Women are undervalued, they are so due to cultural beliefs about their place in society. This is present in corporate culture, legislation, language and cultural behaviours. For this to change men must take ownership, we must evolve within ourselves, lead and inspire others to change and evolve, but not just any men. This dynamic and deep cultural shift will require both a grass roots approach and one that filters through in the form of a top-down approach. Powerful men and women need to be at the forefront of this collective, relational movement… We can do this, together we can achieve this. The first step to reconciliation is recognising the current paradigm and realising that it could be a lot better!!! The second step is assuming responsibility for our part as individuals and the choosing to evolve to a deeper framework of co-existence… We must reach a point where our physical distinctions are not considered neither better or worse, but rather are simply physical distinctions and nothing more. Inferiority in physical appearance is a notion that must be eradicated… SS.

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