Saturday 20 July 2013 – An interesting paradox

A lot to say about our potential to serve others… This is truly beautiful… I may go on a limb here and state something that many may disagree with, but a question for us all. Please approach this query with an open mind… Is there a point where what this man is doing is actually hindering the personal evolution of these impoverished people? Does that line exist? Or is he enhancing their being by supporting them spiritually, emotionally and physically so that they may empowered? Is there a subtle framework or process in place that facilitates this personal growth, both for the great man and for those he helps? By no means am I against the empathy, service, compassion and love he is providing these people, but is there a point in this relational dynamic where this does not serve them, but rather worsens their state, for they become dependent?  SS.

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