Sunday 14 July 2013 – Are we evolving…?

The answer is to whether (as a collective consciousness) we are evolving or not is an unequivocal YES! Let us define some key terms and words for a moment. Context is not only relevant here, but it is important and necessary in understanding the the evolution of consciousness. To evolve means to grow, out of old behavioural patterns, ideologies, cultural practices, personal and collective philosophies, socioeconomic, sociocultural systems that do not serve or benefit us any longer, but rather hinders progress of all sorts, such as: technological, wellbeing, economic and cultural systems, etc. Ignorance or lack of awareness is not present, and what is present is the idea of something new that carries with it efficiency, transparency, sincere care for Earth and living beings, is inclusive, carries equity and which strongly recognises the interconnectivity and interdependence of life. Knowing this deeply and as truth is one part of the puzzle, but  executing this, being fearless, courageous and not being controlled by outdated practices and modalities of living is another level of being. It is this evolution of self that is what is important.

Collectively and consciously, the way we think, act, feel and understand life is growing and is improving based on what we have access to from the external world. These include:  technology, life style increases, greater access to education, greater and deeper levels of philosophical constructs which have been built upon thousands of years of intellectual evolution, increase in physical health and well being and more. Internally we are becoming more intuitive of our inner world, we are connecting more to who we are, our needs, our desires, the emotional, spiritual and psychological injustices of this world. We are searching inwardly for answers and realising that the life we have lived as a prominent society (Western society) is causing us long and short term damage…

But what of those billions that have no food, that starve every day, that are smeared with poverty and are physically struggling every moment of every day…? Are we all not part of the collective…? Of course we are. By collective we insinuate that there is a movement growing that is eliciting mass change on a huge scale, our systems are collapsing, they are changing, the world is changing (the foundation of all we do), we are recognising that we must move with her, not against her. Those in poverty now are becoming eminence of an archaic model of sociocultural practices that is slowly dying… It must.

I am optimistic that tipping point is nearing. There has been no right and wrong per say the last thousands of years, just a way of behaving and acting based on a belief system that has only really ever served a small few and (longterm) has damaged our pace of evolution in many respects. Inefficient systems that have not considered the greater scope of reality have been in place for too long. There are many recognising this. Just because it has been done for lo long, does not make it effective now. Our world is rapidly changing, via globalisation and connectedness we are changing. Our cultural practices must also keep up with this…

Below is a link leading to a belief system of superiority (to say the least) that caused particular groups of people to behave immorally, exclusively and in a devolved, ignorant manner. In many respects we have come a long long way, in other respects we are children still asking questions of our parents and dependent on others to show us the way. It is time we looked deep in to our beings and ask ourselves who we are, why, and where can we go, what is our potential…?

May you ask, seek and find so that we can all grow together… SS.

Voting Rights

Stef Sifandos - The Labyrinth of Life

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