Monday 08 July 2013 – Psychedelics

This subject matter is interesting for it delves in to human conscious in another way… Traditionally, Eastern Wisdom would generally say the ability to expanding one’s consciousness lies within. This is quite simple, achieve this through specific practice, which includes meditation and deep reflective thought and connectedness to self and all that is. Psychedelics are an external substance, which many say elicit a very similar effect that raising one’s consciousness via means of deepened internalised reflection may also achieve…

Some thoughts on psychedelics… Please let it be known that this is nothing against psychedelics per say, but care must be taken if one chooses to walk this path…? The up front issue with psychedelics is that it can severely affect (in a negative way) our vehicle for experiencing reality, our body. With excessive use and inappropriate use, psychedelics have the potential to damage us physically, affective our vital organs, brain activity and nervous system function. This must be taken in to consideration when contemplating the use of psychedelics.

There are also no ‘short cuts’. This means that yes, psychedelics may raise one’s consciousness, but at what cost? Does one then become dependent upon psychedelic drugs on reaching higher states of reality and/or consciousness? If so, in what form does this ‘addiction’ take place? If we use the analogy of climbing a mountain, we know climbing a peak is never purposfully about being at the top of the mountain, it is more about the journey upward. All the deep thinking, the tactics, the experience itself, the potential hardship, the insights gathered along the way and so much more… There is no doubt psychedelics will assist you in reaching the peak of the mountain, but again at what cost…? We lose all of that meat between. It is that journey where deeper awareness is had…

Now, there is no denying that psychedelics may assist and perhaps if consumed ‘responsibly and in a reasonable manner’ may be of great benefit. There is no advocation for the use of psychedelics here, but if one were to experiment, it is about gaining insight (with the use of psychedelics if required) then searching deeper within oneself in a natural way to further work through those cultural barriers, break down cultural norms, social structures, prior conditioning and connect deeply to a self that is ultimately all reality. Being teleported to this place negates the purpose of our journey and we ultimately miss all the knowledge and wisdom gained which supports and produces  ultimate realisations and reality… SS.


The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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