Thursday 04 July 2013 – This is water

Life is perspective, it is vantage point. We become empowered when we realise we have choice… Choice is a path to internalised freedom… When we step back from our existence, when we become the observer of our behaviours and thoughts, our reactive presence and our conditioned response to life we are then able to choose what path of action or execution of thought is best suited to our circumstances. It is deep reflection such as this that creates wise, intelligent codependent beings. When we collaborate in this way we connect greatly to our real selves, underneath all of the cultural clutter, we connect to ourselves and our potential. Why, how? Because we have discarded what is not useful, practical, enriching or nurturing to our existence and we have chosen to focus on what promotes inner growth and greater understanding… Choose, be consciously aware of circumstance for it is the path to real freedom… SS.

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2 Responses to Thursday 04 July 2013 – This is water

  1. soulgirlyoga says:

    Very true…very insightfully written. You are obviously on the path of the master.

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