Friday 14 June 2013 – The Rabbit Hole

A short video by Deepak Chopra on turning our awareness towards the nature of the true self… But how do we find this, or recognise it once we ‘stumble’ across it either purposefully (with desired intention) or by ‘accident’ (with no preconscious awareness of choosing to engage in the experience)?

Determine ordinary experiences from the extraordinary experiences. Please do not take for granted coincidences or ignore these experiences that do not occur often. Value these, observe them through lenses which find foundations in wonder and stupor. For you this is your personal journey but learn to distinguish the norm from something different or ‘special’.

Begin with reflection, here you are now beginning to engage in a purposeful proposition towards expanding and realising consciousness at deeper levels. This reflection will provide a foundation, it is a query that will lead down a rabbit hole of mystery. Once there, if you remain focused and present, this unifying mystery will reveal itself in the form of awareness, truth and a recognisable eternal comfort…

The journey towards re-aquaintance with one’s true self and a developed awareness of reality is a beautiful journey of self discovery. It is here that the fruits of your efforts, intentions, awareness and blissful focus will assist you in understanding what your focus has actually been all about…  SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef SIfandos

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2 Responses to Friday 14 June 2013 – The Rabbit Hole

  1. I have had great fortune to be around many Tibetan Masters. Enlightened beings. I have insights and pointing out teachings. I have had deep clarity and understanding to the nature of the mind. I am glad so many people are looking and wanting to see profound truths. They are powerful.

    • Hello,

      Wonderful story.

      Thank you for sharing. There are many beautiful people who are present on this Earth, if we all connect we all have the ability to learn beautiful lessons from each other… 🙂


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