Wednesday 12 June 2013 – Kareem Abdul Jabbar

For some deep seated reason this article truly resonated with me. It provided unusually deep and broad insight in to another human being. I related to this article and although probably more than half Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s age I feel I too can implement a vast amount of his guidance and thoughts here. I was once told that it is ok to sometimes learn from other people’s experiences. We don’t always have to experience everything ourselves to know that it is not a path to continue to walk. This also makes sense, while direct experience is the greatest of teachers, it is also true that there is a resonating connected and collective consciousness that plays its part in influencing every living beings reality and world view. If we tap in to this we are effectively tapping in to a powerful resource known as source energy or the superconscious.

Really touching and beautiful advice, I only hope you connect with Kareem’s thoughts as I have… So simple, yet so truly inspiring… SS.

Kareem: 20 things I wish I had known when I was 30

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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