Monday 10 June 2013 – Buddha…

What is more important, the message itself, or the messenger who is imparting the message? Do both hold equal weight? Is the answer contextually driven? Or may we find greater weight in the quality of the message itself in direct relation to one’s own personal circumstances and those circumstances of the world at large? At times we become lost in formalities, we choose to focus on ‘proper’ conduct and adhering to guidelines. Whilst I personally support truth, legitimacy and the importance of accrediting information and wisdom to those appropriate parties, we often focus on these formalities and lose focus of what is truly important. And that is the actual information, the message, the wisdom, the truth as it is relevant to you. Is this cultural attitude of current a reflection of our current cultural beliefs, particularly those surrounding the concept of intellectual property?

Read the article to gain greater insight in to the paragraph above… Remember, when we are controlled or driven or even guided by purity of ego, we lose sight of an expanded awareness. What also suffer is our ability to be greater connected to the situation and the potential… When we lose this, we lose opportunity and gain greater strength and foundation in ego. Ego is previous knowledge on repeat, ego is surviving. Break through this by perhaps observing the world with fresh eyes, break patterns of behaviour by expanding personal and connected consciousness. SS.

10 insights from Buddha that he never really said

The Labyrinth of Life - Buddha - Stef Sifandos

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