Friday 31 May 2013 – Humanity

A beautifully written article on the intrinsic importance of what life is about… There are many interpretations as to what life is? What is the importance of life? Where do we find this? Is the importance of life intrinsically linked with meaning and how one chooses to live their lives? What are our values? Again, this will differ in many, but do you know what you value in life? If you knew what you valued, would you then not know what is important and how to live your life? Is it important to live one’s life according to one’s surroundings?

Let us examine this for a moment? If a group of people have conflicting values and choose to live their lives in accordance with these values and they clash, what to do…? This is occurring now on planet Earth on mass unconscious scales, which are affecting everyone at a conscious level. There must be values that align all of humanity, do we not share a common interest, which revolves around survival, inclusivity, cooperation and happiness? Let us contemplate deeply what it is we value… For these values shall set our current cultural practices (which are destroying our Earth and each other) in to a new direction… SS.


The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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