Thursday 23 May 2013 – Been venom kills HIV

A dear friend of mine contacted me some time ago to ask me about natural cures or remedies for cancer. Although HIV is not cancer, it is a condition that does plague a considerable percentage of the Earth’s population. Like cancer it is dramatically on the increase. It is interesting to note that if *cures exist (cures is asterixed because the focus of this article is prevention and natural therapy – something we will discuss later), why are they not being implemented to those who need them; and if they do not exist as yet, then why is mainstream/Western human development in these areas not turning quicker to natural medicine or therapies?

There are many natural products and natural foods that exist that have the tremendous power and potential to bring the human body back to internalised homeostasis. These amazing foods and products have the power to transform us at cellular and molecular levels. They are mostly found in the raw forms and found naturally occurring in nature. It is important, we as a global community begin to shift our collective consciousness and ideology towards that of prevention, rather than quick fix, modernised, Westernised often disfigured versions of what resembles a ‘cure’. Rather than living in extremes, ignorance or blatant disregard and respect for our bodies and minds we can perhaps alter our perceptions of what health represents and simultaneously understand that it is health and integrity of an ecosystem or body that allows that experience to take place…

Life is flourishing around us, it always has been, we simply need to switch our focus towards that. When we look to the natural world and act in a natural manner, we begin to realise the almost infinite power that lies within the realm of the natural world… Its all there and the unfortunate collective reality is that our current sociocultural and mainstream attitudes, behaviours and values are counterintuitive to what is of most benefit to us.

People let us look towards the natural world for health and vitality, let us look towards the natural world for longevity in being and overall wellbeing. Let us look to the natural world for interpersonal and personal evolution. When we do this, we actively choose to stop harming the Earth (ultimately ourselves), negating its power and potential and we begin to evolve, we begin to heal ourselves and each other and we begin to educate ourselves and recognise the constructive and relational power that lies at our finger tips… SS.

Bee venom kills HIV

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef SIfandos


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1 Response to Thursday 23 May 2013 – Been venom kills HIV

  1. annathrax says:

    Very coincidental that you should post about bees, I was just reading about some landmark scientific research about bees in Croatia being trained to sniff out landlines. It’s amazing what nature can do!!

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