Wednesday 15 May 2013 – The future of agriculture – Part 1

This man is revolutionary in his approach to modern day farming, agriculture and aquaponics. Although Vertical farming have been known for it’s space saving potential (and it has been around for some time), this method that Will Allen is employing is quite interesting. Again, done many times before, but this man has vision of producing this for the masses. Now that is intriguing and the benefits of this not only extend itself to the physiological realm, where many starving are being fed, but the entire way we behave (psychosocially) and consider our natural world may also change. A new found, collective respect and intrinsic value may be discovered by utilising this method of farming alongside its utilisation of recycling and renewable energy sources. WOW! let’s get behind this people! SS.

The Future of Agriculture

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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