Saturday 11 May 2013 – Extend your life

Extend your life. Is this possible, do we want to go down this path? What are the implications of extending our lives 10 fold? How would this reality alter our belief systems, how would this possibility alter our behaviours, ideologies, philosophies and the way we treat each other? On a side note (random thought), when we observe this form of phenomena can we also deduct that religion and firm beliefs are products of our collective cultural circumstances…?

Technology is at the forefront of many of us. We look to technological advances as a saviour towards betterment of the human condition that has been created and compounded over the years. This posts reasoning is not against technology in any capacity. What this post is questioning the most is the intent behind technology in conjunction with its application/use and final action. It is important we understand how intention has the capacity to influence greatly the direction of the outcome… SS.

Geneticists Discover a Way to Extend Lifespans to 800 Years

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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