Tuesday 07 May 2013 – Human or Robot

Wow! What a question? Human or Robot? When watching this video and you were provided with no information and you were to observe this being, one in which resembles that of human form, would you know that it was a robot? More importantly,

– How far can this technology be taken? 
– In to what realm? 
– What is it’s purpose? What can it ultimately be used for and what would it likely be utilised for?
– Is this form of technology ‘safe’ based on the evolution of humanity?
– Why is funding for this technology being directed towards the military complex, rather than area of humanity? 

These questions and more are eliciting a curious reaction amongst the role technology is playing and where we are heading as a humanity… SS.

Human or Robot?

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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