Friday 03 May 2013 – Eye Gazing

The importance of eye gazing supersedes scientific analysis or physiological benefits. These are just some of the benefits of eye gazing. Eye gazing finds its value embedded in the psycho-emotional and psycho-social benefits it provides an individual who engages regularly in eye gazing. It is an art, it is a technique, more importantly it is a gateway to greater self awareness, greater wisdom and it allows us (as human persons and spiritual beings) to connect deeply to each other. As we all know, perfect practice makes perfect… This comes down to exposure to particular experiences and the compounding effect of conditioning.

When we condition ourselves to a given experience, we become ‘better’ at it. We become more comfortable and we develop greater insight in to the processes of what intrinsic and deep benefits a particular set of experiences can provide us and others. It is this intimate knowledge of the act itself that allows us to extend this practice of eye gazing to others. If we connect emotionally with others, deeply with others, how can there be hatred, when we know and resonate with another’s joys, pains, suffering and life experiences. Eye gazing allows this to occur… Free yourself of an individualistic approach to life and connect with others. We are relational beings, it is time we relate in a peaceful and open manner… SS.

Eye Gazing

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef SIfandos

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