Wednesday 01 May 2013 – You are what you think…

Are we what we think we are? Are we what we say we are? If we believe in the nature of symbolism and understand the complex windings of the mind, perception, interpretation of life, thought, the Universe and our relational being we arrive at a place where we realise that all of our previous conditioning and all those experiences that make us who we are as connected individuals has meaning. Meaning is bolded because this word is important in connecting us with our actions, behaviours, emotional states and thought patterns.

It is that meaning that has the power to shape our reality. At times we overtly and every consciously understand the meaning and power behind our actions, but there are times when unconsciously we lose sight of what we are experiencing (at various levels) and it is this lack of recognition that allow particular and specific patterns of reality to continue to occur. We wake up one morning and fail to understand why our circumstances are the way they are, as if our life’s circumstances suddenly manifested in to the way it is being played out. NO! We created this, through our interaction, behaviours, thoughts, reactions, beliefs and emotions.

We also have the power to change this. Simply by reflecting deeply upon our reactions (before they are about to occur) sets in motion the propensity towards success. This success presents itself in the form of a self realised being. What does this mean? Within this context it refers to emotional intelligence, it refers to greater awareness of self in relation to the world, it involves careful reflection of one’s thoughts, behaviours and experiences of the world. When we observe our happenings carefully, we become empowered to understand ourselves. It is from this empowerment that we become confident to choose willingly our path… Because we are free within our own minds… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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