Saturday 27 April 2013 – Going Barefoot

The question of going barefoot often is a question that on the surface may appear to have very little relevance, but in reality may offer insight in to a part of our human condition that is absolutely necessarily… It is essential we connect ‘directly’ with Earth regularly…

Do yourself a favour, connect with Earth regularly, before you sleep each night and if at all possible, go outside and stand in your garden for 5-10mins, barefoot of course and with the intention of connecting to Earth, being revitalised by Earth and communicating with Earth… The are methods you may choose to employ that may assist you in connecting to Earth. Take advantage of the ionic release the ocean permeates, spend time in the sea, walk barefoot where you can. We have built a society of concrete that has disconnected us form our evolutionary and ancestral connections we have developed with Earth and with each other.

Consider for a moment that the Earth, its biosphere is one enormous living and connected organism, that relies and works best when all living beings (including us) are connected to Earth. Imagine then if we all chose to connect with Earth more frequently, what may this do for us, more importantly, what may this do for others, including all living organism and Earth…? SS.

Is barefoot contact with the Earth necessary for your health?

The ultimate antioxidant: Fight premature ageing for free

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef SIfandos

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