Friday 19 April 2013 – Automation

An issue that as we move forward as a collective, global community requires attention. If automation continues to outgrow the pace that the economy can reabsorb the jobs lost in this process, what actually happens to our socioeconomic structures? If the pursuit of profits continue to be prioritised over all other facets of business and as technological process increase in quality and availability, why wouldn’t the business owner (from large corporations to small business) utilise technology of manual labour, especially if the cost is far more efficient?

Now clearly this will not be the case, nor necessity for all industries immediately, but we must not turn a blind eye to a process that is on the increase now and has been for many years. We must closely observe intent, purpose and the function of business; for this shall set the tone for actions to come… SS.

But if automation overwhelms the need for employees

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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