Thursday 11 April 2013 – Control & understand who you are

A personal story and reflection of deep thought if I may…? I would be humbled if you choose to continue to read…

I would like to tell you a story… What makes a good story, well good? The way in which its told? Yes. The expression? Yes. The depth it touches the reader? Yes, of course… But a story is great when the story touches all of us… All of us are all of humanity, when all of humanity can relate to the story in some capacity, and via modes of memory can access and visualise and feel the essence of that story, resonate with it and understand it, then the story has the potential to be great…

I have such a story for you… A story involving of humanity. This story has the potential to be great. If we connect to story, we ultimately connect to each other… If I may, please allow me to share this story with you…

Of late I have been listening to and connecting with sound, melody, music, motion and thought. This combined with deep reflection and time with the ocean I have been attempting to understand how these sounds, these melodies and this flow of beautifully attuned music has the capacity to elicit such wonder, depth and an emotive response which connects me deeply with the natural world and my fellow human being…? Quite strange… These experiences have placed me in an usually deeper than reflective state of being… Further, watching a movie/documentary. One of the characters was pushed to his absolute emotional limits. Extreme feelings of guilt, anger, fear and rage were thrust upon him by circumstance… Or were they? Were these circumstances really pushed on to him, or rather did he create these circumstances with the choices that he had made, the thoughts he had entertained and the emotive responses over every singular experience he had been involved in contribute directly to his current circumstances of intense suffering…?

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

The focus of this story is not on theorem revolving around quantum mechanics (although a very worthy subject). This story extends itself elsewhere. It extends itself in to the realm of self knowledge, self awareness, emotional intelligence and if connecting deeply and inherently to the Universe would provide each and every one of us with such clarity that scientific measure would be useless (nothing against scientific measure either) and that such extremes felt within would fade in to an ever knowing realisation of calm…?

There is value in feeling extremes, for they provide us with balance, equilibrium and a path to clear homeostasis. There must come a time though when the intensity felt from these extremes must cease to reap havoc upon our interpersonal and intra-personal lives and our own personal evolution. Is there a time when we may surpass this? Are our destinies written in the wind, or rather do we have control and choice of when we choose to evolve? Can we not become aware in the blink of an eye? As a collective humanity have we not experienced enough depth, substance and volume to now choose to exhibit our enlightened ways…? This character had been dealt death of loved ones, the anxiety of being abandoned by his parents, guilt for the death of his loved ones, confusion about the inner transformation he was going through and deep feelings of revenge for those who had taken away his loved ones. He possessed intellect, yet intellect could not control his emotional state…

Through out our lives we all experience extremity and intensity of emotion. This is a beautiful and giving part of life (if we perceive it this way). The question I have and what I have been reflecting upon deeply is: what if we simply understood…? We understood, were aware and were so comfortable that an extreme reaction was never required. Is this possible? If so how? And if so, how would it affect the way our relationships play out and the way in which we evolve…?

Imagine a world where every living being is so self aware that we all realise that by giving, that by being true to the nature of reciprocal life, we are actually enhancing ourselves… Is it not possible to so calm within, in such control, that control is not required for immediate reaction to all events is peacefulness, for that is what is only expressed… Is this notion utopian? Is this notion of interaction and existence possible? I believe so. Via quiet spaces, via the yearning to deeply reflect, via the understanding that we are all connected, that all of life is perfect and that discovery of self begins with self, we may all have the ability to express oneness once more…

But how…?

1. Be quiet within, find peace within, find a quiet space, dwell here, live here regularly, be this quiet space

2. Reflect deeply on your reactions, your interactions, your relationships, your thoughts and your actions. Self rectify if necessary.

3. Draw yourself closer to intrinsically what you know is perfection. This perfection is not something that can be materialistically or tangibly measured, look within for this.

4. Alter you brain waves regularly. This means engage in personal practice that alters your general state of mind.

5. Practice openness, connection, kindness, compassion, joy, love, giving. The more you are this, the more you encompass this reality.

6. As Joseph Campbell said: Follow your bliss. When we do this, we are ultimately connecting to source of energy/existence beyond our understanding. When we are happy, when we feel joy, we are more open to connect to what is real, true and blissful.

7. Connect with nature, this promotes unity, balance within, intrinsic appreciation, the yearning to learn more of, well everything and increases our situational awareness. This ultimately provides us with greater and acute awareness of who we are and how we behave.

There is nothing greater than understanding who we are in relation to who we are… The world is a reflection of us, we are also a reflection of the world. When we look to the stars at night, we are looking at our entire existence, when we gaze beyond the stars at night we are realising our connection to all that is, ever was and will be… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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