Tuesday 09 April 2013 – The Way of Waking up

Who are we? Are we awake? Are we really who we think we are? Are we aware, truly aware of who we are? Why are we asking who we are? Who and what defines us? Is it skin and bones? Is it the ability to think? Is it the ability to speak, language, words, etc? Is it the fact that we (humans) have the ability to speak of and contemplate God? How deeply does our cultural conditioning influence who we think we are and what we are made of? Do we live in a ‘reality or existence’ of illusion…?

There are so many of us who believe that for us to experience true bliss, for us to experience connection to all that is and oneness that we must go through tremendously deep pain, suffering and transformation? Is this true, is this real, is this even necessary? Perhaps are all these ideals or beliefs self imposed and gain momentum from our cultural surroundings, when in reality over many millennia, these illusionary ideas, ideals and function of culture have compressed and become dense through the fabric of collective thought and consciousness; to the point where we know nothing else…?

Many questions are being asked here, some may appear in part not connected, but they all are. They are connected by the yearning to settle an uneasy feeling that doesn’t actually exist but is created by our own perceptions… SS.

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