Friday 05 April 2013 – What is reality?

What is reality…? Let us begin with the attachment of nothingness… The wonder and majestic beauty of non-attachment… What a wonderful perceptive shift, to be able to be in wonder with all that is, then still be in wonder with all that is not… To accept, to have deep intrinsic knowledge and more importantly wisdom of who we are in relation to who we are not, in direct connection to unity… Imagine for one moment, or perhaps consecutive life binding moments of existence that all is as it must be, all is absolutely fine. Is this possible, is this paradigm shift in reality a possibility? Do you conceive it so? Do you believe it so? Does certainty resonate through out your entire being? What is certainty? Is it confirmation of reality? Is it trust in your convictions and perceptions of truth? Is it a deep knowing that there are no mistakes in experience, only an opportunity to be, grow and evolve?

Perhaps certainty is all of this and more… When one trusts in themselves, they become, they remember, they grow, they evolve and they influence. When we as a humanity connect deeply with our natural world, with each other and with our own selves, we realise that we are all one in the same reality… We accept, acknowledge and develop deep intuition towards the reality that our thoughts are others, as theirs are ours… These words are not laden with riddles and rhymes. Rather, if we place down all of our predisposed and accumulated knowledge we may just realise that there is no greater beauty, love or accomplishment on this Earth than the realisation that we are all the same reality simply shining in an infinite myriad of perfect expressions… SS.

The Labyrinth of Life - Stef Sifandos

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