Wednesday 03 April 2013 – Four actions to reduce the forest footprint of commodities

An interesting article pertaining to the perception of ‘sustainable logging’, what this truly signifies in the ‘real’ world, how it is translated in business activity and what is it exactly we need to do as a collective consciousness to move from destroying our Earth to meet tangible needs, economic demand and maintain systems of operation that have been around for a culturally relative long time? The article uses examples of palm oil and its growing demand within the international market.

It is now time for regulatory agencies to hold true to their function and purpose. We have no time, nor the mind set for tokenistic gestures anymore… From a philosophical and ideological vantage point, tangible solutions can only be implemented with success once we change our mind set, ideals, expectations and beliefs as a collective whole. These beliefs and expectations are varied and deep and involve our perceptions of what our role is here on Earth and our relationship to each other and the Earth… SS.

Four actions to reduce the forest footprint of commodities

The Labyrinth of Life

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