Monday 01 April 2013 – Global warming & Desertification

Ask any scientist, educated mind or aware human being. The Earth is under strain and Global warming is contributing heavily to this… In the past The Labyrinth of Life has posted videos referring to the contribution mass-farmed, commercialised livestock makes towards increasing global warming. Which is actually substantial, but perhaps it is not this act itself but rather the method and the intent behind it, which may be flawed…?

This post and this video reflects how livestock can actually reduce global warming, reduce desertification, pull excess carbon from our atmosphere, create a natural homeostasis and contribute to alleviating sociocultural issues such as famine, poverty and war. The focus is not economics (although sound economics and empowering disadvantaged persons and groups is a natural by product of this process), the focus is traditional and ancient cattle grazing. It is a system which utilises patterns of grazing that wild animals would once have done…

It is best explained by Allan Savory, but my gosh, what a concept!!! It is brilliant, so simple, so effective… We must implement change in order to survive as a humanity, but more importantly realise our potential and raise our consciousness for ourselves and all living beings… SS.

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