Thursday 28 March 2013 – Monsanto

We must educate ourselves, not as individuals, not as a collective society, not even as a humanity, but as custodians of consciousness… By not acknowledging, or not creating a  sincere space to where we can educate ourselves and create and build awareness of what is occurring at a sociocultural, biophysical and psychological level we are doomed for de-evolution. Sadly this is a possibility and companies such as Monsanto are contributing to the de-evolution of our entire world. Remember though, they are empowered by our ignorance and our lack of interest. They survive and thrive when people are perpetually blind to their selfishness and self interests… Blissfully, it should be known that we are all empowered enough to change the outcome of our existence. Spread the word, spread the idea that humanity has the power to choose goodness, health and a consciousness full of clarity… SS.

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