Tuesday 26 March 2013 – Better TV means better kids

Television, once touted as “the ideal babysitter,” often gets a bad name from parents and healthcare professionals alike due to the fact that so much of what’s on TV can be corruptive to kids. From overly violent programs to excessive commercials, there’s a lot going on inside the world of the TV that may cause parents demand that kids turn it off. While too much TV certainly is not healthy, as it causes kids to remain inactive while they watch, studies show that when it comes to kids’ television programs, sometimes, “turn the channel” may be a better solution than “turn it off.” Some shows certainly do prove damaging to children’s minds, but when the right program is selected for the proper age group, healthy TV shows can boost kids’ vocabulary, problem-solving skills, and even reduce anger and aggressive behaviour. Kids who tune into positive shows, like Sesame Street, demonstrate not only heightened academic capabilities when they enter into school, but also better people skills and positive conflict resolution. The following infographic takes a look at how better TV can help grow young ones into better kids, and why the right TV shows, in moderation, can make all the difference.

Television appears to be hanging around for some time, with the transition from television to the internet and computers, it appears that perhaps these technologies are amalgamating  in to one? Whatever the case may be, it is important to observe the trends that are emerging and do our best to adapt. Perhaps both parents/guardians and children may actively and collaboratively choose what TV programs will be watched. This may then contribute to a meaningful dialogue and discourse between both parents and children surrounding this important subject matter. The reality is that our environment and what we are exposed to heavily influences and shapes our behaviours and the way in which we interpret the world and treat others and ourselves. It is wise to educate ourselves, loved ones and younger ones of the many faces of television. The benefits of this will trickle through and express itself through our younger (and highly influential) generation as empowerment, inner will, strength, greater sociocultural understanding and situational awareness to know beneficial from non-beneficial. After all; watching better TV means better kids… SS.

Below is an infographic which has been borrowed from www.educationnews.orgBetter TV Infographic

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