Sunday 24 March 2013 – Masturbation, Religion & Love

An interesting perspective on the sexuality of humanity and the part it plays in the way we perceive life; in conjunction with religious understanding and societal parameters. Mr Watts briefly discusses the cultural diversity in which sexuality finds itself embedded within society. A series of questions arise from observation of diversity in interpreting sexuality and the role it assumes within society.

How does one’s environment, general sociocultural conditioning, values and teachings of sexuality affect external relationships and the integral relationship to self? How does this then affect the way we interact, behave, feel and express ourselves? Following this line of thought, one may ponder the absolute necessity in expressing one’s personal sexuality in a ‘healthy’ manner… Then again what is healthy and why must we (or should we) need to express sexuality in a ‘healthy’ manner…?

Perhaps the importance of sexuality embeds itself in the way in which our society collectively expresses itself, the social pathologies that exist amongst modernity and an individuals own personal connection to self and others? The key is to understanding how a sound understanding of sexuality as an integral part of humanity and the living biosphere may have the potential to lead to a clarity of mind and an enhancement in interpersonal and intra-personal ¬†communication…? SS.

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