Monday 18 March 2013 – We can eat our landscapes

What a wonderful concept! A society where practicality reigns supremacy; where we prioritise our health. It is initiatives such as these that require our immediate attention. It is initiatives such as these that require action and prioritisation by our local municipals, state and national governments. If our governments begin to fund our health and wellbeing, it has been proven in various capacities that less capital investment is then required in to the already exhausted health system.

If we systemically address our wellbeing from a vantage point of prevention rather than curative we not only engage community conduct and cooperation, we increase access to real health and wellbeing, sincere communication amongst ourselves and we create the platform for truly sustainable living for all. It is from here that we grow together and produce a generation of aware, like minded, caring and educated individuals; who know what it means to grow food which directly contributes to the sustenance of life.

It is already known that these issues are multifaceted and complex in their arrangement, but if we commence somewhere with a positive intention to grow and develop together, with the evolving promise to continue to promote sustainable and corporative living, all will benefit in such prosperous ways. SS.

We can eat our landscapes

Community gardens - The Labyrinth of Life

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