Thursday 14 March 2103 – Cannabis as a vegetable

It is absolutely astounding how well we all have the capacity to live, but we do not? We have the ability to live healthy, fruitful, clear lives but choose not to, why is this so? Is it because we, as a collective society maintain a stronghold on old behavioural patterns and belief systems, which ultimately hold back our evolution? Is it because we fear change? Is it because we are manipulated by corporate organisations, which have a stronghold on current (and highly self serving, profitable) practices which dictate the way in which we live? Is it a combination of all of this and perhaps more? The article below is simply one example of many. It exemplifies what we could achieve as a humanity, it exemplifies what is possible, but for reasons that do not fit in with the current social norms or cultural practices are negated. How is it that we can negate our health and wellbeing…?

We must create awareness surrounding who we choose to be as a humanity. Do we wish to be controlled by fear, false propaganda and past ways that perhaps have no place in modernity or do we wish to be a society free of mental slavery, free of fear, and full of abundance, clarity, real choice and freedoms? We must make this choice now and it all begins with us. With our decision to choose to be empowered, aware, educated and free. We all have the ability to make these choices. When we seek answers and truth, it will present itself. We then have the choice to make a decision as to what we do with this newly presented knowledge. Tipping point is approaching, are you part of the movement or are you part of the engrained social norms which are a hindrance to our collective existence, alongside our individual evolution? SS.

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