Wednesday 06 March 2013 – What worries you consumes you

Simply put; what we focus on will determine our reality, our existence and our space. Wherever our thoughts travel to, is likely to take us along for that ride. It is imperative we begin to focus on what we desire, who we truly and understand how reality is really created… When we realise that our reality begins and ends in the mind, we become empowered, we become strong, we have the ability to choose and we have an expansive awareness that allows us to break outdated beliefs and behavioural patterns, which have no place in our lives…

If we begin to consume our minds with negative self talk, and allow the ego to consume our thoughts in a way that deters us from present moment awareness we lose touch with creating a reality, which is productive, constructive and fearless. SS.

Aurora Borealis - The Labyrinth of Life

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