Wednesday 20 February 2013 – The human condition…?

We live our lives in segments. We fluctuate between various states of conceptional awareness (space and time continuums). When we choose and are in part conditioned to live regularly in the past and in the future, does the known feeling of fear underly our behaviours, attitudes, personas and our personalities? Does fear, within these circumstances drive who we are and who we become? When we constantly reflect on the past and upon the future, if we worry, what is it that we are worrying about? What is it that we fear? Do we fear? Are we fearful of letting go? Are we fearful of detaching from what we have accumulated, what we posses, our materialistic objects, our memories, our emotions, our thoughts, our beliefs, our “intellectual property”?

What is it that allows us to remain stagnant in a reality that we choose to exercise in our minds, that in essence only exists because we choose to give it thought energy? What are we holding on to?

There is a saying, and there are many variations to this that stem from a cross-cultural and a cross time foundation… Die now, so that you may begin to live… What does this mean? It means we must be comfortable in letting go of who we think we are now, whilst we are alive so that we may have the real opportunity to die and be reborn… Further, this takes us to a conscious place of understanding where when we believe in our essence of existence and our interconnectedness, we realise who we truly are and what is important…SS.

Atitlan Lake. The Labyrinth of Life

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