Monday 18 February 2013 – What if?

Let us take the concept of time as we are culturally aware of it? Let us examine what time means to us in order to answer one question (found below in blue). Let us explore what time is via enquiry?

– What is time?
– How is it measured?
– Are you/we, everything bound by time?
– How does time exist?
– Has time been created by humanity or is it a part of all that exists, has existed and will always be?
– Are you aware of time?
– Are you fearful of time?
– How important is time for you?
– If you truly and sincerely did not believe in time, would it exist?

These questions touch on the reality that we have created as individual and collective consciousness. It symbolises the way in which our actions and lifestyles are bound by thought and belief.

Are you ready for the question? It is a lengthy and detailed question…

Are you living your life as you truly desire, as you truly wish and feel your life must be lived? If you had 24hrs to live, what would you do? Are you being true enough to your existence that you may answer this clearly…?

I look forward to your comments… SS.

Warped perception of time


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