Thursday 14 February 2013 – What is in your ‘fast food’…?

It is imperative we educate ourselves on what is productive and constructive for our bodies and minds, not what is convenient and fast… When we begin to explore what it means to be healthy and for what reasons, we realise that we only have one body in this life. If we look after ourselves, move away from our prior conditioning and what we are told to do and begin to seek truth centralising around fact, respect for all living beings and ourselves; we further realise that we are poisoning ourselves slowly. It is not about limiting (in full) our exposure to environmental toxins (as this is not always possible), but rather it is about limiting the impact, becoming aware and educating ourselves and others so that meaningful mass cultural change has the capacity to take place. SS.

Fast food, what’s in  yours?

Refined sugar - The Labyrinth of Life

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