Sunday 10 February 2013 – Closeness

What parameters or conditions do you place on closeness? How do you determine what constitutes ‘close’. This has direct reference to relationships and people. What would determine (to you) if you consider someone close?

Lets examine the word close… Within this context and by this conversation’s definition we are referring directly to a combination of feelings, emotions, thoughts and beliefs surrounding how safe, secure, certain, comfortable and clear you feel about another human being or group of people. What must occur, align or take place (within you and external to you) for you to be clear about you knowing you possess reciprocal closeness with another?

Why are we addressing this query? Why not? What or who we consider close to us influences the direction of our life’s path significantly, it determines our reality and our perceptions, how we live our lives and how we behave and feel. It does so in various ways.

– It is our direct sphere of influence
– It consumes a large part of our focus
– It consumes our time

It is important to understand other facets of what constitutes life. This post is not about clarifying closeness, it is more about assisting us all in realising that what we consider sacred or special has a direct influence on the way we perceive, feel, move through this world and live… This is important, for to co-create our life experiences we want to optimise our inner and outer world. Alongside this we want to understand that there are no wrong and right choices, there is no failure in decision making, only feedback we receive from choices made, lessons learned and wisdoms discovered. There is actual value in all we do and experience; we simply need to flip our perceptive faculties and focus towards that of a constructive and productive vantage point.

When we are deciding what we consider of value in our lives, we may choose to deeply reflect on why. Asking why and asking oneself “why this is of benefit and how does it serve me” allows one to come closer towards truth and valuable knowledge, which in turn may accelerate and shape our personal evolution. SS.

Waterfalls - The labyrinth of Life

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