Monday 04 February 2013 – Self Confidence

It is important to realise that self confidence (alongside other factors) directly contributes to the life we live. When we are confident in our convictions, when we trust and believe in the outcome we have chosen for ourselves and simultaneously realise that we are not perfect, nor are we meant to be perfect; we recognise that accepting confidence as circumstantial is a positive way to be self confident more often. Allow me to elaborate…

When we accept that there will be times that the confidence we place in ourselves will at times be less than others, will vary from situation to situation and will often be dependent on our strengths and ‘not so strengths’ (which are demonstrated via our experiences, personality types, knowledge and skill base) we come at peace with realising that it is ok to not always feel confident in the experience we are about to partake in. When we don’t accept this fact, we suffer. We panic, we fear and we perform poorly because our focus is elsewhere. Our focus is placed on how poorly we think we are being or perfuming, rather than accepting that perfection is not necessary, nor required and that there is no failure, but rather only feedback. What has this situation taught me, what have I gained from this?

When we relax within these circumstances the space in which we come from and present ourselves to the world from is one of a relaxed nature and allows us to be more fluid, connected to the situation and the people involved. It allows us to access greater areas of our memory, mind and skill set; for our energy and time is not consumed with worry, fear, judgment and stress.

But why is this all important and how does it apply to every day life? Simple! When we are confident we are able. When we are able, we are empowered; when we are empowered, we choose wisely and the choices we make are more aligned to the greater good of ourselves and those involved. This ultimately serves a greater learning curve and enhances our intra-personal and inter-personal experiences.

Simply believe in who you are and it is ok to feel a lack of confidence in some areas of your life. Know that you must accept and rather than observe a situation from a negative vantage point, observe it as an opportunity to grow. Feel the value that intrinsically is present. From here your entire focus and attitude will gravitate towards that which will benefit you and not hinder your social and personal evolution… SS.

Focus/self confidence - The Labyrinth of Life

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2 Responses to Monday 04 February 2013 – Self Confidence

  1. Taz says:

    thankyou Stef, v timely for me

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