Friday 25 January 2013 – The path to clarity

Do you often ask yourself what it means to have clarity, what is the path to clarity? To attain such insight that you have eliminated all doubt within your mind and within your consciousness. Do you believe this to be possible? Do you feel this reality has the capacity to exist for you?

What would attaining clarity signify for you? How may it change or perhaps better your life’s circumstances? Can you perceive a reality where what you may know to be intuition reigns complete and utter supremacy, where the concept of doubt has no place to dwell within your personal sphere of what is real and true to you?

This and more is possible. What is required is an internalised mental and perceptive shift on your behalf, where all realities are possible and where one values and prioritises the need to seek and attain clarity for their own sake but most importantly for the sake of the collective whole.

When we realise that our reality’s are unified and connected we realise that life has greater potential. Part of that greater potential is the ability to attain an inner freedom from external, cultural restraints. This encompasses a clarity of mind where a deeper level of comprehension of existence in relation to the greater Universe is achieved via means of careful contemplation and deep focus…

Could you imagine for one moment that if you set yourself upon a journey of discovery of self and of your expansive Universe within what you may discover? Like anything in life, as humans we have an ability to be successful at whatever we choose to apply ourselves to. With careful practice, focus, energy and application of mind power we have the ability to achieve most or any task we set out to. Our greatest limiting factor is our inability to maintain our focus and our inability to dedicate time to understanding who we really are.  Much of this stems from our cultural surroundings and historical build up of conditioned practices that have shaped modern society today. When we understand the causes of these happenings, we are naturally in a more empowered position to move through these ‘apparent’ obstacles and find our truth or clarity… Obstacles are only obstacles when they are unfamiliar or unknown. When we make the known, known we become wise…

Spend ‘time’ focusing and/or meditating (one in the same) on yourself in connection with all that is. This unity will assist in comprehending deeper the truth that lies beyond our immediate sensory perception of existence. SS.

chakra meditation and clarity - The Labyrinth of Life

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