Thursday 17 January 2012 – Focus and outcome

I wanted to discuss with you the concept of focus in immediate relation to high intensity physical training…

No matter what exercise we engage in, it will no doubt be difficult if we choose to challenge ourselves. The skills, understanding and resilience we develop whilst we are training (high intensity physical training) are with all intentions prescribed with the understanding that what we self discover and learn within those progressive and sequential moments will ultimately transfer to all facets of our lives…

Simplistically put… What we choose to focus upon will shape our reality and our life’s path.

Within reference to training there is an underlying and often not conscious cognitive dissonance occurring internally when we undertake pain provoking activities…. We are actively partaking in exercise which we know and understand will take us to a place of betterment and is highly beneficial to our wellbeing, yet the pain associated with this experience is not pleasant. Instinctively, when the body experiences pain it does what it reactively and naturally can to avoid this pain. In this case it would stop. The dissonance comes in to play when the internal dialogue begins… You know if you stop you wont obtain the full benefits of the objective, BUT IT HURTS A LOT!!!! So, what to do???

Focus… Choose what you can focus on which will enable you to continue along this designated path. If you choose the correct focus to stimulate your courage, determination and perseverance you will get through what you have chosen to partake in. Knowing the overall benefits will outweigh the temporary pain… Your focus will allow you to push beyond perceived boundaries…

Focus is part of your internalised coping mechanism which allows you to deal with and process discomfort. Here you must know what stimulates you. What motivates you? Is it that you know you can eat and drink a little more than usual if you push harder now? Does avoiding sickness motivate you? Does pushing personal boundaries motivate you? What is it? It is different for everyone…

This process is primarily about discovering who you are and aspects of yourself that you may recognise greatly in order to then benefit your life’s path… When you create the ability to do this in an environment that is full of discomfort, volatile or where you may feel a little out of control your self empowerment increases and your ability to attain clarity also increases…

What will you focus on in order to achieve your goals…?

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