Friday 11 January 2013 – Gratitude beyond culture

Imagine for one moment that we have the ability to express instant gratitude and generosity towards a fellow human being with no judgment, with clarity and with sincere intent and ease? What would this state evoke in each and every person? Do you feel or believe that violence, confusion, anger and frustration would dwell in the hearts and minds of so many? If we simply treated each other differently and ceased to adhere to prima-facie associations would the way we interact with the world be different?

If we shifted our values towards inclusiveness, acceptance, and deeper understanding of the other and actually realised that the ‘other’ is really an extended part of us would we not act from a place of love? Compassion and gratitude beyond current cultural norms is a must if the collective human psyche is to evolve and prosper. There is so much more to life than materialistic acquisition. It is that we spend so much time and energy focused on areas of cultural habits that our focus is taken away from the beautiful potential of interconnectivity we may experience with our fellow human being…. SS.

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