Wednesday 09 January 2012 – Jiddhu Krishnamurti

“To live completely, fully, in the moment is to live with what is, the actual, without any sense of condemnation or justification – then you understand it so totally that you are finished with it. When you see clearly the problem is solved”. Krishnamurti. 

We have this almost innate but more than likely culturally/environmentally conditioned reaction to remain with what we know, to remain comfortable within the experience, no matter what contextual meaning, no matter what pain is caused by these sets of experiences or the heart ache associated with remaining stagnant and not exploring our lives. Why do we do this? As humans, we are meant to be the apex of Earth’s inhabitants, we are ‘supposed’ to be so evolved that our consciousness is infinite in nature… So, then why (for the most part) do we lack emotional intelligence, perceptive and sound reactions and the ability to realise our full potential as humans? The answer is quite simple… In essence we are clouded by far too much ‘cultural clutter’. We cannot see past the mundane and often unnecessary happenings of everyday life, therefore we negate the possibility in identifying with self and connecting to who we are and what we have the potential to become through meaningful attention to self and to the workings of life.

If we remain clam within, stop the busyness of life for several moments on a regular basis and simply take some time (and effort) to reflect on who we are, our origins and our relational nature to the Universe and to every human person; we may just realise our purpose here on Earth. When our purpose is recognised we have drive, clarity and a sharper view of who we are and why… SS.

Self awareness

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