Sunday 30 December 2012 – Where are we heading?

As we move in to another new year which generally signifies new beginnings for many cultures around the world, I see it fitting to discuss our necessity to change as a collective humanity. With specific focus to what occurred a couple of weeks ago in the United States of America pertaining specifically to the tragic mass murder of many people, I see it fitting to discuss our direction as a humanity, for events such as these should spark query and contemplation in all of our minds…

Our lack of ability as a humanity to realise that we are all interconnected is evident in our communication, our actions and our value systems which centre around a globally dominant ‘selfish’ social system. That old saying/phrase: “Il start caring when it happens in my own backyard” (Signifying one’s ‘country’) is outdated. One’s backyard is the entire Earth. We are so interconnected through various means that if we don’t realise this we shall surely be our own demise…

The core of what occurred in America recently relating to the shooting has very little to do with gun control laws, but rather the social and personal pathology that is occurring on a global scale: Our out of control cultural practices which destroy lives and our Earth at any cost to chase monetary profit; the inherent corruption occurring within international banking which directly hurts millions upon millions of people; the child who dies every 3 seconds from poverty and hunger, when as a collective humanity we have the resources and technology to prevent this suffering; the many dying of AIDS, the many living below ‘the poverty line’ so that a few others may have a ‘comfortable’ lifestyle; the horrific acts of violence that occur daily in both developed and developing nations, the list goes on… We need to address the core of these issues and this is that our sociocultural practices and constructs are misplaced and not right… Tightening gun control laws may be necessary (especially in the interim), but are still only a bandaid solution to a problem that runs deep within our collective psyche, belief systems and values… It only delays the inevitable, if someone our a group of people are mentally unstable or pathological by NURTURE, they will find alternate means to achieve their objectives (whatever they may be)…

We need to awaken consciously as a humanity and realise our interconnectivity and that what happens in one place affects another, no matter the distance. It is important that as a humanity we learn to place our trust in ourselves and carefully reflect upon who we are, our collective path and where we are heading. Because right now, examples such as the massacre that recently took place are continuing to occur and no one is really asking why? But rather we create more prisons to lock these individuals away. Does this fix the problem? NO! Our prisons, on a global scale are overpopulated and continue to grow. Why? Why are we not looking at the cause rather than choosing to ignore this?

The answer lies in understanding the interconnectivity of our lives and of all actions. OUr cultural practices, our economic doctrines, our sociocultural value systems, our political agenda’s, world religions and the list continues…

Moving in to 2013, I urge us all to contemplate deeply what beauty humanity has the potential to express and to observe carefully one’s surroundings and the systems which we are a part of and which we create… If we do this, and we all individually as a collective move towards change, we may have the capacity to grow in to a human race that we can all be simultaneously proud of. Hard work is something work engaging in when it means the social, personal, psychological, emotional and spiritual evolution of all of humanity… SS.

Essence of life. The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

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