Friday 28 December 2012 – Our beautiful planet

We have only one planet, we cannot all leave this planet if we destroy what little quality of planet we have left… We have not the capacity to move to another planet, populate that planet and move on. We have only one planet… I urge us all to consider our collective actions, our personal contributions and our sociocultural practices as to how they affect the overall health, wellbeing and integrity of our planet. We have only one planet…

Moving in to 2013 please consider our collective systems of operation, our transport, our production techniques, our distributions systems, our farming practices, our behaviours and our modes of operation and collectivist attitudes… Without contemplation, realisation cannot take place; without realisation, change cannot begin to take place… Tipping point is near… We either enter this phase of our existence by choice prior to extreme natural intervention or we are pushed in to change by our natural platform for existence, the Earth. For when she has had enough we will surely know about it…

Lets collectively come together and observe carefully our values for they are what underpin our actions and our actions are what define us… SS.

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