Wednesday 26 December 2012 – Stop being someone else – Start being you!

The article below is interesting as it outlines common human behaviour that as individuals we engage in far too often. It is actually counterintuitive to our personal growth, yet we engage in these behavioural patterns daily. These cultural patterns have been instilled in us from a very young age and most of us do not know any better…

Fear and the lack of knowing oneself in depth leads to behaviour that is useless for our own development and the development of others… We must know ourselves deeply, we must face who we are, how we think, observe our actions, reactions and behaviours, then ask why and how? This is important for it provides greater scope and depth in to who we are and how we function. When we are looking at a map, if there are pieces missing it becomes difficult to navigate. Life is much like this; when there aspects of ourselves we are not familiar with, do not understand or do not know in fullness we automatically struggle to function through life in absolute truth in relation to ourselves. Why? Because we do not have that reference point.

Fear holds us back from discovering who we really are, rather than conforming to the masses. We become fearful because we fear what we are not familiar with or do not know. When we take that initial leap to make the unknown, known we become empowered and a powerful realisation takes over and assists us in recognising our true form and potential. Embrace change and embrace what it means to be true to yourself… Allow 2013 to be a different year for you. Allow 2013 to be a year of ‘being’ different.

The article below outlines 12 things you should stop doing in the next 12 months. I would like to recommend what you can start doing in the next 12 months…

1. Do something creative that assists in connecting with yourself that you have been wanting to do but have not for what ever reasons. Play music, draw, paint, sing, look up at the stars (take up astronomy), spend time with nature, whatever!

2. No excuses, simply do & simply be. This means, stop doubting yourself and start believing in everything you do…

3. Give more! By giving we facilitate and grow compassion within our own being. By giving altruistically (well as altruistically as one can be) we open our being to being more sensitive to what is around us. This allows us to tap in to who we truly are at our core…

4. Love more! Do not be shy, do not hold back, through loving we learn about our perceived limits, we learn who we are when we are vulnerable. Spend time with loved ones and tell someone daily that you love them, including yourself…

5. Dive deeper in to who you are and do this with greater awareness of self! This means query your responses to everyday life and query your actions and behaviours. Fear nothing, embrace everything…

6. Travel. Pick a destination and get there! Expand your cultural awareness, embrace diversity & move out of the at times stagnant space you are in 24 hours per day.

7. Read a book. Any book, just read! Open your mind, expand your vocabulary, expand your knowledge base, delve in to various subject matter.

8. Sign up for a course of whatever interests you. Begin to learn more about who you are, how you learn, what you are truly interested in…

9. Do something that scares you at least once per day. Push your boundaries, move beyond perceived limits, create new ones. The greater our exposure to something, the better we become at it.

10. Try various eating and training regimes. Our bodies are our housing facility for spiritual and emotional expansion. Nourish your body. Eat raw, eat well…

11. Be inspirational to yourself and to others… This is very subjective, what inspires you? Be this, do this!

12. Create a garden full of life… Whether this be a community garden or something you do personally in your own space. Do this, and get someone else involved. Connect with others and connect with Earth…

Do, do do! Be, be, be! When we are true to ourselves we become something that is so special, so unique and so enlightened that we can only inspire those around us… SS.

12 things to stop doing in the next 12 months

Aurora Borealis - Stefanos Sifandos

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