Tuesday 25 December 2012 – Christmas

Christmas is not celebrated by all and this is ok; it does not need to be. What Christmas represents is… Well, what does it represent for you? Has it intrinsic meaning? Can the ‘true Christmas spirit’ be understood through modern day cultural living and can it ‘truly’ be experienced by all? Some questions for you to ponder…

– What is Christmas? What is its true meaning?
– Historically we know where the giving of presents has originated from, but in today’s modern world has this once beautiful, kind, sincere and generous tradition turned in to a consumer fest driven by corporations who are exploiting the ‘every day’ person and the system simultaneously? Is it really what it once was? Change is fine, but when change then negatively affects other aspects of life (such as the natural world which supports excessive consuming habits) is it really ok?
– Do you focus on gift giving or love giving at Christmas time? Which is it? Both, neither? Must Christmas exist for you to give?
– How do you feel about those who do not celebrate Christmas?
– Are you extra kind or thoughtful at Christmas? Can this be rolled over to the remaining part of the year? Can you be so inspired by Christmas giving that you choose to be aware of this kindness every moment of every day, for all of your life? 

Some points to ponder today… We wish everybody a wonderful Christmas break, may you give now, love now, be kind now and be all of this and more always… Christmas represents peaceful times, understanding times and most of all accepting times. Christmas provides opportunities for the human person to reflect deeply on their existence, their actions and their life. May this be deep time of reflection for you all and may you realise the truth that dwells within you… SS.

Christmas - Giving - The Labyrinth of LIfe

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