Monday 24 December 2012 – Innovation under pressure…

It is amazing what the human mind can conjure almost anything when prompted, when pushed to its limits and when it absolutely needs to survive… We may look to these examples for inspiration, for hope and for personal empowerment to do for ourselves and for others… More importantly we may observe the interconnected truth, which binds us all. This common truth is co-dependency. Whether it be dependency on one another, dependency on the Earth, sun, clean oxygen and water or mechanisms of transport to get us from one geographical location to the other; we are all dependent on something in order to function and flourish. Nothing we ‘do’ occurs in a singularity, it requires the recognition and understanding that we do not exist on our own in order to live. But what relevance does this have in relation to the article below?

The relevance lies in the reality that what occurs in an area perceived to be far from you or I, is actually closer than believed. This means that we must closely observe our cultural practices for they have the ability to impinge on others all around our globe. What this also means is that we can learn greatly from others and what they do in order to be efficient in their survival. Living through efficient modalities of survival needn’t only be done when one is pushed to their physiological limits. Simply appreciate and contemplate the length other cultural groups go to in order to meet absolute basic necessities and then contemplate your own personal circumstances… Question everything, look to the skies above for inspiration and believe only what resonates with you and what you feel to be true… SS.

How to build a solar bottle bulb

milky way - The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos

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