Sunday 16 December 2012 – Suffering dissolved

Too many of us suffer at the grip of fear, lack of awareness of self and an understanding of the Universe which does not align itself with truth… Rather, we are caught in a cultural conundrum, occupied with cultural clutter which adds to a distorted view of reality. We suffer needlessly because we cannot view a way out from our current circumstances.

It is clear that the above paragraph doe snot apply to everyone, rather it is a mass generalisation based upon current sociocultural paradigms which prioritise particular collective value systems over others. This prioritisation distracts groups and individuals from the occurrences of within one’s own mind. It also engages the observer (you and I) in experience that is less superior than let us say the experience of purity, clarity and truth.

The question begs to be asked. What is purity, clarity and truth? These experiences present themselves when we surround ourselves with what is ‘real’, not with what is culturally idealised and prioritised. Materialism, social expectation, unnecessary socioeconomic pressures, psycho-cultural self created distortions all add to what is not necessary and consumes and occupies our minds unnecessarily…

Simplicity… This is all. Simplicity shall set our minds free. If we avoid cluttering our minds we may have the opportunity to experience beauty beyond our wildest dreams. It is unfortunate, that we only realise our true and necessary priorities when we are pushed to our extremes. As a collective we have the power to change this, to represent what it means to be human in a different way. Will you reevaluate your personal circumstances and realise who you are…? SS.

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