Wednesday 12 December 2012 – Take advantage of the situation…

Recently, and only a few days prior to it officially being summer in my geographical neck of the woods. The area in which I live encountered some quite intense, out of character (for that time of year) and unusual behavioural patterns in the weather. These intense behavioural patterns, rather than resembling what is common to this time of year to where I reside were the opposite. Thunder storms, hail, lightening and severe rains… Where I live in the summers are dry and generally very hot, so for the exact opposite to occur days before the official commencement of summer is actually a little different to what most of us here are used to…

*Please note, I am not here to preach climate change. I am writing this to assist us in observing our behaviours and possible reasons for what is occurring external to our own selves, but more importantly how do we react internally to these situations…

Here is the interesting thought process surrounding this. I have been observing media reports, I have been observing people’s general behaviour and I have come to two conclusions.

1. People behave quite differently from what is considered their ‘normal’ range of reactive behaviours when encountered with extremes of weather…
2. People appear to be disconnected with the wonder of nature…

So, I began to contemplate deeper how this attitude that I have seen in some permeates throughout the remainder of society and whether or not it is a true reflection of how most of us feel and think? This, I cannot answer but I can reflect and comment on my personal observations and personal feelings on this. I feel through Western cultural constructs we have disconnected humankind from nature and all its beauty. We view extreme cycles of environmental behaviour as something working against humanity. The reality is humanity has been present and alive a very short time comparatively speaking (especially to the existence of the Universe). Some substance matter experts may say this has got to do with Religion (namely Christianity and derivatives of), and that Religion has placed humanity at ‘the top of the food chain’, disregarding, disrespecting and only viewing nature and all its inhabitants as servants to humanity. Others say it may be through our socioeconomic practices we have prioritised economic gain at the expense of natural ecology and therefore disconnected ourselves from what supports life. This emotional disconnection has literally placed the environment or natural processes in the ‘out group’, therefore also removing our empathy from our collective actions. Others say that our cultural habits work against the natural processes of the world and that we have become lost in our ways and have forgotten the way in which ancient civilisations and Indigenous people would connect to land in order to survive.

I would say it is perhaps a combination of all of these and that the above mentioned points have influenced us all to some degree, especially in the Western world. Now, more than ever and especially in a world of globalisation and technology increases we have become so preoccupied with creating wealth alongside other cultural constructs and focuses we have lost connection with what is, well real… What this ultimately translates to is that when we experience extremity, we are a little shocked. We are so caught up in the busyness of our cultural lives that we are unaware of what occurs daily around us.

I am very well aware this does not apply to all of humanity or all people within a Western framework either. But as a society that is heavily influenced by Western norms, we cant help but be caught up in the way in which the Western model functions and operates. It works against the natural processes of nature for the most part and this disconnects humanity from our physiological origins.

In a very simple way, here are some thoughts… Perhaps rather than running for cover as many of us do, understand these natural processes, immerse yourself in nature and be part of these natural happenings… If it is literally too dangerous to do so, then take advantage of the quiet time, take advantage of the opportunity to actually do nothing, just simply be. Take this opportunity to not engage in the busyness of what is natural society, but rather the quietness and stillness of what is eternally natural life.  No matter where we are we should always have the ability to connect to ourselves and to our natural environment. Food for thought… SS.

Rainy deck - The Labyrinth of Life - Stefanos Sifandos


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