Thursday 06 December 2012 – What have you done today?

Wake up! It is time to wake up, or is it? Are you ready to awaken? What will your day consist of today?

What will you do? Will you give? Will you think? Will you contemplate your own thoughts, your own behaviours, will you perhaps contemplate another’s life?

Why are you here? What are you doing? Are your days productive? Are your days meaningful? Do you believe in who you are? Do you have faith and respect in the way you present yourself to the world?

Do you already contemplate these questions? Do you observe and feel value in these questions? Can these questions alone transform your life? Do you want your life transformed?

Are you ignorant to your surroundings? Are you ignorant to reality? DO you create your won reality, or are you a part of a greater objective reality? Is this even important to consider?

Confused at all? I hope not! Try, no in fact DO this… Today, after you awaken, be consciously aware of yourself, your feet in contact with the ground. Say to yourself “today is a day where I discover who I am, today is a day where love is all I know… Love of self and love of all”

But how to discover who you are…? Here is the first step… SImply give. Give all that you are, be conscious of this giving, be kind to others, go out of your way and break old habits. Give yourself one option, one choice and that choice is GIVE… It is through giving sincerely that we discover who we have the potential to become… It is as simple as that… SS.

Illumination - The Labyrinth of LIfe - Stefanos Sifandos

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